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New applications for small unmanned aircraft are appearing every day. How could you use a drone to meet your objectives?

LE3 Aerial Photography aims to provide the high quality video and photographic output and project fulfillment, whether for manufacturing, construction, real estate, nature documentation, or a brochure or web page for a startup business.

Owner, Phil Morales is an FAA certified remote pilot, sUAS rated.  Phil has 4 years commerical sUAS experience, including city and rural environs, over lakes, ocean coasts, and in mountainous terrain. A seasoned land-based photographer, his photos have been featured in national publications and calendars. His videography and editing skills can be used to augment on-line instruction.

Recently, Phil was one of five winners in the Flir Systems 2020  FLIR DELTA Drone Scavenger Hunt contest.


We're excited to announce the winners of the FLIR DELTA Drone Scavenger Hunt! Matt D. takes the first place prize, an...

Posted by FLIR Systems on Friday, July 3, 2020

Contest Entry

 LE3 Aerial Photography will help you define the flight and post-flight parameters for your project.

Post flight services include selecting footage, creating and editing deliverable video and photo files, producing paper photo prints, and burning DVD or Blu Ray disks. For thermographic analysis, reports are prepared and delivered on paper and .pdf files.

On-line and printed publications are prepared in InDesign, Captivate, FrameMaker, Robohelp, Interleaf and many other applications and tools.

Flights are insured against property damage and personal injury.

Consultation and training are available. Interested in creating a webinar with aerial overview? Call for free initial discussion.

Contact: 414 807-9326 or 262 814-0076 email: info@le3aerial.com

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FAA Part 107 Course Embry-Riddle Aviation 101
Recurrent Training Certificate