Composite Photography - Unparalleled Detail

Get the topdown view

LE3 Aerial Photography can fly over your property, whether residence, acreage, or industrial or commercial building and produce composite photographs with exquisite detail.  Typically these large photos are delivered in a zoomable .jpg format, for easy opening and navigation. Large hardcopy prints can also be printed.

  Use case for these photos include:

- building maintenance monitoring and condition documentation

- vegetation growth and health monitoring (visible light)

- tower and tall building inspection

- other infrastructure documentation

Composites for smaller properties combine dozens of photos, while larger structures or acreage may compile hundreds of photos that are compared and merged (stitched) together. The individual photos are also produced and available for analysis.

Below is a zoomable and scrollable view of approximately 15 acres of land, in a composite photo that combines 485 photographs. Each photo was taken at approx. 20 megapixels (5472 x3648). Resulting resolution of each pixel is approx. 6/10th of an inch.